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Floating Pump Assemblies.  
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DeWatering Services has been customizing floating platforms for clients all over the country for over twenty years.
Our designs assure customers of owning platforms that are SAFE, and reliable for long-term trouble free operations. Models available in carbon painted, galvanized, and stainless steel.

These stainless platforms, walkways, are complete with center well lift beams, electric cable trays, electric cable hanger brackets, and adjustable outrigger designs for maximum safety.

Our custom design capability delivers the safest access in tough applications.

20 Ton Capacity Stainless Steel Pump Pontoon used in South America Mining Operations

DWS Engineering and Design includes Platform and Pump Valve Manifolds.

Steel Mill Pump Pontoon Module.

Please contact us for your next project quote, we can provide complete assemblies as well just the floating module.