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Water Clarification Products


With DWS Open Gel-Logs there are "NO PUMPS" to "TURN OFF/ON". When the water flow starts treatment starts, when water flow stops treatment stops. Contact us for more details!

Gel Logs

Gel logs are a specially enhanced chemical that agglomerates the sediment for more rapid settling. Our Gel Logs are easy to equip and can be set up in virtually any water source. If desired, DeWatering Services can be contracted to maintain and replace the Gel Logs when needed, leaving the customer worry free.

polymers, water clarity aids, turbiidty control aids

         You can see down stream the solids collecting after contacting the DWS Open Gel-Log.

Turbidity Booms

Unlike many turbidity booms our units are designed for rugged applications ensuring years of reliable performance. Ask about or sediment underflow prevention design turbidity booms.

Each section of Turbidity Curtains is connected using heavy "D-Rings" and clips to ensure long life. Additionally, each joint uses velcro connected flaps over the joint splice to prevent unwanted water migration.

Along the entire the entire length of a "DWS Turbidity Curtain are "D-Ring" connectors for Oil Absorbent Socks for additional environmental protection options.

Tubidity Curtain with Absorbant Sock connected

DWS Turbidity Curtain with oil absorbent socks connected to the specialized clips shown above.

DWS Sediment Underflow Prevention Curtain

This curtain is designed to allow water flow through the pond's top strata during storm events thereby preventing the bottom strata pushing under the curtain and migrating the solids to the discharge. Contact us about this DWS developed design.