"Service Today to Protect Tomorrow"

About DeWatering Services LLC

We have a wide ranges of services available to our clients:

  • Dredging contracting services
  • Dredge sales and rebuild services
  • Dredge discharge line floats and cables
  • Dredge rentals and repairs

Drying the Sediment

  • Drying processes using drying aids
  • Drying Processes using filter press
  • Belt Filter Press sales "new/used" parts and service
  • Geo-Bag filtration drying
  • Drying Tube drying
  • Belt Press Rentals

Water Clarification Products

  • Water turbidity control aids "polymers"
  • Turbidity Booms
  • Open Molecule Gel-log products
  • Discharge compliance programs

Floating Pump Assemblies

  • Custom Designed floating pump platforms and walkways
  • Floating discharge lines and power cable flotations

Technical Services

  • Dredging and drying engineering and design services
  • Solids analysis for process applications